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One Hope Project

One Hope Project

One Hope Project exist to encourage Spirit filled worship, foster community, and cultivate creativity in the Church.

One Hope Project emerged from a group of friends who had a love of worship, creativity and community. They wanted to support each other in our personal faith journeys. That community spirit remains, and they still continue to journey together. But now they also have a ministry to the Church – helping God’s people worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. They encourage the faithful to creatively express their worship to Him.


Whilst they are not a community who live together they are made up of a group of people who are committed to One Hope Project for any particular year. Each year members sign their vision document. The commitments for each member are:

  • Attending community events
  • Financial giving to One Hope Project
  • Attending a Life Group
  • Praying every day


A contemporary worship band made up of singers, drums, keys, bass and guitars is a key component of One Hope Project. This group of people write and record worship music and lead worship at different events.


One Hope Project often hosts or are invited to attend and serve participants through their creative projects. This could also include artwork, poetry or spoken word projects.

What’s next for One Hope Project?

They have grown over the last decade and want to invest even more into OHP over the coming years. Here is a few of their projects;

One Hope Project Academy will launch in January 2021. This is a practical academy which aims to develop accomplished, Spirit filled worshippers in parishes around the country. Whether applicants are singers or musicians, the academy helps them to grow whilst encouraging music teams in their context.

Brand new music Over the last 9 years One Hope Project have released new music every few years. They have invested in writing, producing and releasing new music and believe Spirit filled music really helps people engage with God.

Charity status – for 2020 into 2021 One Hope Project are taking the brave move to become a charity. They are at a stage where the necessity for accountability and investment is more important than ever to sustain their growth. They are currently gathering team of trustees who will hold us accountable to their vision and values.


It is through their values that One Hope Project believes that the Lord will bring about His purposes.

Worship God in all they do

We can worship God not only with music, but with our whole lives. Each member wants every thought, word and action to be an act of worship to Jesus and for every area of their lives – be it work, sport, their finances or their songs – to give God glory.

Be creative

We are creative beings, by the very fact that we are made in the image and likeness of God, the ultimate Creator. One Hope Project believe each person can use their unique gifts to bring fresh ideas to the Church and to the world. Everyone has the ability to be creative, and they provide opportunities for people to create and share their ideas.

Make an impact Building God’s kingdom here on earth

God, in His goodness, lets each person join in with changing the world for the better, when believers do this, we model the radical love and actions of Jesus. By helping those in need, sharing the Good News, acting with kindness and bringing people to know they’re loved by a caring Father, our towns, cities, country and world can be positively impacted and set on fire in love.

Celebrate unity

One Hope Project have a heart for unity, and know that as Christians we are called to model unity and exemplify how to work through our differences. They want to walk together, work together and love each other.

‘How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell in unity!’

Psalm 133

Be encouraging

In a culture that can sometimes feel full of cynicism and negativity, encouragement is a powerful tool which enables the light of Christ to shine brightly. One Hope Project wants to be generous with our encouragement of others so that we can build each other up, support one another and inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Christmas Gather on YouTube

One Hope Project will be helping Christians and their friends celebrate Christmas through a special online event. For more information please click below;

Meet the Team

Joe Wells

Founder and Vision Lead

Community is so important, especially at the moment. Anything we can do that brings people together, enabling points of connection, can have a big impact for people. It’s been such a joy to be involved in the journey of One Hope Project and to see it grow enabling our vision to inspire fresh expressions of worship in the Catholic Church.

Pippa Baker

Vision Lead

Coming to know God’s presence with me has totally transformed my life. Whether it’s in a time of sung praise and worship, at Mass, out walking in nature, or finding him in other people – opening our hearts to God presence can change our lives. For me, worshipping God through music with One Hope Project has awakened my heart to the beauty of who Jesus is and I want even more of His loving presence with me at all times and share that with as many people as possible.

Em Leakey

Vision Lead

I have grown to understand and believe that all parts of our lives can be worship to Jesus. Our singing, our work, our friendships, even our sport. I am also convinced that lives can be changed when we encounter the presence of God in worship. I have loved seeing One Hope Project lead people into this truth and feel excited about what God has in store for the future!

Tom Ashton

Team Facilitator

Contemporary worship music is still a far cry from the more traditional norms in the Catholic Church so, as a music producer, it has been amazing to be able to lend a hand in the creation of worship albums and other creative content for One Hope Project. To see our music reach people around the world is an incredible blessing and I hope that One Hope Project will continue to inspire and lead people to encountering Jesus through all forms of art.

One Hope Project Stories

Love well

Kat: In One Hope Project I found community. A network of young Christian professionals who are passionate about living out a Christian lifestyle – one of loving well, of prayer and of worship in all its forms. We’re passionate about bringing people together, to encounter God, to see Him at work, to encourage and build each other up. There is an appetite in today’s world to live from a place of gratitude, to look out for each other, to feel part of and play a part in something bigger than yourself. One Hope Project offers an avenue to this and more.

A Joyful Collision

Hannah: One Hope project has really been the place where my passion for creativity and worship have both collided, being involved with OHP has fuelled me with a huge desire to explore how these two things can make so much beauty & draw me closer to the Father.

Finding faithful friends

Lizzi: One Hope Project has been a real blessing to my faith. I moved back to London in 2015 and I didn’t have a church family and was nervous about making new Christian friends in a huge city.

Through No Agenda and their all-day creative worship days, I’ve learned so much about the different ways to worship God and do community with others.

As a non-Catholic I have been blessed by getting to know more of my Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ. Being able to learn about, enjoy and share in parts of Catholic practices has been a blessing.

Members of OHP are super inclusive as well, demonstrating significant pastoral care for those around them despite being located all over the UK! I’ve made some life-long friends and am so grateful for the gift that OHP has been in my life!


Joe Wells