Pre-Synod Meeting

In March 2018, six months before the Synod of Bishops Assembly in Rome, 300 young people met in the Vatican to 'share prophetic dreams', in the words of Pope Francis.

19 – 24 March 2018

At this ‘Pre-Synod’ gathering, the young delegates presented the Holy Father with a document expressing their experiences of Catholic life and particularly how the Church accompanies young people.

Isaac Withers represented young Catholics from England and Wales at the meeting.

He had a hand in drafting and proofing the final document and spoke to us about his experiences. Listen to his thoughts on the meeting.


Those attending represented young people from the five continents and encouraged those who couldn’t be there to contribute using their social media channels.

You can read or download the final document:

Youth Synod 2018: Pre-Synod Document