The God Who Speaks

God wants to speak into our cares and concerns. The Year of the Word will be a time of deeper encounter with Christ through the Bible.

The Year of the Word

Whether interested or involved in Evangelisation, our efforts are limited if we are unfamiliar with the Word of God, the Bible. Thankfully there are a number of great resources to start or delve deeper into the Bible.

This September marks the beginning of the Year of the Word: The God who Speaks. It is an exciting time of helping people to encounter Christ through the Bible.

However, it is also important that those who have made a decision to follow Christ, to grow in our relationship with him, through his Word. In a similar way to travellers who in the safety information at the beginning of a flight are reminded, in the case of an emergency, to attend to our own breathing mask, before helping someone else, it is same for the Bible, even if we are not facing an emergency.

By taking the time to experience the God who speaks by some form of Bible study or holy reading, He inspires and equips us to reach out to help others. Here are a few resources to help an individual or group delve into the treasures held withing the Bible.

The Big Picture Bible Study
The Bible Timeline Bible Study
Lectio Divina
Word on the Go
Bible Giveaways

Let us receive the sublime treasure of the revealed Word.

Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel

What has helped you?

We value your input and would love to know about the Bible resources and guides you have found helpful.