New Evangelisation Summit Training

The New Evangelisation Summit connects and inspires people who want to see the people experience the joy that comes from a living faith in Jesus Christ.

Speaker at NES event
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In collaboration with Mission of the Redeemer Ministries and Sion Community, the Home Mission Office would like to encourage communities to bring people who knows something needs to change for a world-class conference that can be hosted locally, called the New Evangelisation Summit.

The event draws together renowned speakers such as Michelle Moran, Fr James Mallon and Michael Dopp to deliver talks at the New Evangelisation Summit (NES) in Canada. From there it’s transmitted to host sites around the English-speaking world.

The aim is to connect people who want to see the people they care about experience the joy that comes from a living faith. It inspires them to explore this in a warm, friendly and prayerful atmosphere. It’s easy to host and provides high quality Catholic teaching on effective Evangelisation.

Many of those who attended one of the first NES in England were surprised at how much they enjoyed an event that included video presentations. They could see how easy it would be to run it in a local community such as a parish or deanery, but suggested that we offer training to help these communities get up and running – and so the NEST, New Evangelisation Summit Training was born.

NEST Weekend 4th – 6th October 2019

This year, whilst host sites around the world will be tuning into the Global Replay of the May 2019 NES, we will be providing NEST participants with an immersive experience of the New Evangelisation Summit, followed by seminars and workshops to build confidence and equip them to establish or help at a host site in the future. For more information and to book please visit NEST information and bookings or email