Home Mission Sunday

'Rejoice with me' this Home Mission Sunday as we hear the joy of people who found something that was once lost.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Each year the Church in England and Wales celebrates Home Mission Sunday. It is an opportunity to inspire us all to share the Good News we have received.

On 15 September 2019 we were encouraged to take to heart the invitation to ‘Rejoice with me’. This joyful invitation came from two of the three people mentioned in the Gospel of the day.

Through this short phrase, were invited to experience the joy of finding something, or someone, that had been lost. We wanted to encourage Catholic parishes to respond to this invitation by celebrating with the people who have encountered Christ and come home to their parish community this Home Mission Sunday.

Rejoice with Me

Every party or celebration is someone saying to those around them ‘rejoice with me’, whether a birthday, anniversary or thanksgiving. If you have had even one person encounter Christ and come home, through the RCIA programme or encounter Christ through a programme like Alpha, how could your parish celebrate and share this joy with others?

Please don’t lose heart if this is not yet your experience, perhaps Home Mission Sunday could be an opportunity to motivate your community to share their faith with others and invite them to seek Christ and come home.


The resources below have been created to enable parishes to highlight and pray for Evangelisation on Home Mission Sunday.

Home Mission Giveaways

September 2019 marked the beginning of the Year of the Word – The God who Speaks. This provided us with the opportunity to help people encounter Christ through the Word of God.

The retreat in my pocket giveaway is a simple A4 sheet that can be printed and folded into a business card size booklet containing short passages based on the bible to reflect upon.

How to fold the booklet

The Word in 8 words

A wise man said that the Word of God is at the heart of our relationship with God. For some it is difficult to know where to start, for others the difficulty is knowing why.

The Word in 8 words is a FREE giveaway for parishes who would like to people things about engaging with the Word of God. It is an ideal giveaway before launching a  Bible Study or to stimulate conversation.

Home Mission Sunday Collection

The money donated on Home Mission Sunday helps us to to help you. We exist to help the local Church make the joy of the Gospel a reality throughout England and Wales.

Everything we do is funded through the donations received. You can make a secure donation online. It’s quick, easy and your giving can be made anonymously if that is what you prefer.