Home Mission

This is the official website of Home Mission in England and Wales. We want to help the local Church make the joy of the Gospel a reality throughout England and Wales. This is the ideal place to find out about resources, events and initiatives to help people share their faith.

Praying for the people we want to encounter Christ is a great first step on the journey of sharing our faith with them. Even the disciples did this straight after Jesus told them to 'Go... make disciples...' (Matthew 28:19). If speaking about your faith seems a little daunting right now, why not begin with prayer? Learn more

September marks the beginning of the Year of the Word: The God who speaks. Passages from the bible have helped people open their heart to the Holy Spirit. Here are just a few resources to share with people seeking God's Word in their lives. Learn more

The local Church around England and Wales have different approaches to Evangelisation. Each addressing the needs of the people in their area. Find out what is happening and who to speak to about Evangelisation near you. Learn more

Here are some real life stories of people who have had an encounter with Christ, that has transformed their lives in some way. Jesus wants to be our friend and will speak to our hearts. In fact he would like us to follow him. These stories who have decided to become disciples and now share the joy they received with others. Learn more

On the 13th December we celebrate Home Mission Sunday. This year, our celebration falls on Gaudete Sunday, so is a great opportunity to inspire Catholics of the Joy of an encounter with Christ. Here are some resources to help your community reach out to others with the joy of the Gospel this Christmas. Learn more