National Youth Sunday 2018

On Sunday 25 November, the feast of Christ the King, the Church invites young people to be at the heart of our celebration of National Youth Sunday.

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Since many young people also engage with the Catholic Faith through their school, the resources provided can be used in both parish or school settings. To help engage young people in this celebration we would like to ask them: Could you live with just one filter?


No one thinks twice about altering an image before posing it on social media – it’s all just part of the process of attracting as many likes and comments as possible. In preparation for National Youth Sunday we want to inspire young people to think about where else in their lives they are using filters.

  • What do they do to mask who they really are?
  • Are they hiding or enhancing parts of their lives to make themselves feel good?
  • What do they do to feel like they belong?
  • How do they make themselves look right?

We want young people to hear the message that there is ONE filter that helps us stay true to ourselves, that helps us all to measure our lives in the right ways and present ourselves to others as we are. This is the filter of God’s Love.

When we look at our lives through this filter we see ourselves and others as God does, as truly loved, valued, and significant, no matter what is going on in our lives. We want young people to know that they are works of art, masterpieces, lovingly created by a God who knows them and wants to be close to them.

Gospel Link

In the Gospel reading for the feast of Christ the King we hear that Jesus came to “testify to the truth” and that “Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice” (John 18:33-37). Many of our young people do not hear often enough the truth that God loves them, and that Jesus, King of the Universe, can transform their lives if they allow Him into their hearts.

Printable Resources

These resources have been created to help groups of young people explore the theme #JustOneFilter in different settings. It is our hope that there is something to help every school or parish to convey God’s love for them. The printed resources will arrive in parishes and schools via the diocesan youth service and may include specific resources produced by your respective youth service. Everyone should have the following printed resources:

For information about how to receive your pack, please contact your diocesan youth service. You find them via

Online resources

Whilst each of the following resources can be used separately, we recommend they be used in the following order if used together;

NYS18: Assembly Presentation Plan

NYS18: Assembly Presentation Slides – to the theme that helps young people think about the filters people use as masks and helps them recognise themselves as God’s work of art.

NYS18: Discussion Session – This session can be used with a small group, class or in a large group setting. It provides young people with the opportunity to discuss the questions on the cue cards around the theme.

NYS18: Prayer Time – This simple prayer time offers young people the opportunity to prayerfully reflect on their identity through the filter of God’s love.